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Change scaling of raids

Are there any plans to change the scaling of the raids? 

The solo aspect of the server could benefit greatly if there was a better scaled progression of the max level raids. As it stands now, there is zero challenge to any raids at 80. It would theoretically be extremely fun if the raids were properly scaled so that they would be adequately challenging to the point where you would have to start by soloing dungeons, then move onto easier raids such as Naxx, and Obsidian Sanctum, and after gearing up through these raids you then would be strong enough to solo the more difficult raids and eventually build up to being able to do ICC and such. 

Not exactly sure if this would be in line with the goal of the server, but if the goal is for challenging solo progression, changing the tuning of the raids would benefit the server greatly.


Few weeks ago i came to this server with a super hype : after all i will be able to discover WOTLK raids in solo, with all the challenge involved !!

Finally i left the server after 2-3 hours cause it was totally pointless : as paladin i just had to run with retribution aura, i didn't even have to hit a single mob cause they were all one shoting themself by hiting me. Absolutly no fun, no challenge, only free gear that i will never use anyway since you can clean everything NAKED.

This server could be really awsome if "scaled PvE content" didn't mean "free one shot on everything" but a challenging solo version of WOTLK.

Have to agree, all bosses only having 140hp is way to little.

The TBC bosses are a littlz bit better. They all have arround 30k hp but that is also still a bit to low.

No answer tho ?

Working on a current fix. Stay tune.

(03-28-2020, 08:09 PM)Mintberry Wrote: Working on a current fix. Stay tune.

Thanks Mintberry, that's awesome. Btw any anwers on the other suggestions?

Some of those suggestions will be implemented on the Instant 80 (Utopia) server.

(03-29-2020, 08:18 PM)Mintberry Wrote: Some of those suggestions will be implemented on the Instant 80 (Utopia) server.

That's awesome me and some friends are waiting for the utopia realm then, i'll keep voting for the server!

Any date more or less for teh Utopia release?

Sorry but that is no mean -'solo"I almost die today when i go trought icc 25 and/25 hc stinky and preciuos hit really and badly hard.If U wont more "axion" finde normal serwr or another serwer.I wont play on normal icc 25hc where mob hew 140hp..Or max of it 14kTongue"solocraft" means solo for all spec and classes how U wont to go trought icc caster in cloth??When endgame gear is on 25 nm icc...Serwer is great thats like was -140 hp per mob and ok.

Awesome !! Definitly gonna give it another try

DnBLegion, according to what i read it only apply on instant 80 so feel free to play on other Solocraft server if you can't hold challenge ?

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