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Is anyone there?

Was very intrigued with the idea of a solo-able WOW experience so I joined.
I havent seen another person online yet but thats not that iportant as I joined to solo but it makes for a lacking auction house.

Couple of observations..
Mob groupings are ridiculous. They are all bunched together and for a non-AOE toon, it makes pulling next to impossible.
Also why is it every mob runs when low on health? I don't recall every mob running in retail.

Other than that, so far.. I'm enjoying it. Playing on the 1X realm.

Which mobs are causing you issues?

I am glad you are enjoying it. It just needs a population. I can get an auction house bot to get things filled up for the time being. It'll be some time before population comes. People come and go, and the ones that stay will stay. I believe the project will take off, it's just lacking population.

I've been playing on the Eternity Realm for a good week now. The gameplay is very smooth and I really enjoy being able to run the dungeons without having to wait around for other players to join in. If we all keep voting for Solocraft, I bet more players will give it a try. If they do, I'm sure they'll be hooked just like me Smile

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